The Aaron Foundation

Keizersgracht 124

RSIN/Tax identification number: 8159.18.860

The Purpose of this Public Benefit and Welfare Organization is to fund charitable, social, and cultural foundations that are geared to the general social wellbeing and are active in or outside the Netherlands.

The Aaron Foundation is mainly funded by Group Aaron and will be funded for 10 years (at least) until 2030 by a minimum donation of 50.000 euro’s a year as of 2021. Annually the funds will be fully allocated by the board. If the annual funding will arise the 100.000 euro’s the board is allowed to create a reserve for the following years depending the circumstances.

The main outlines of the policy plan are determined by whether financial support is needed in relation to foundations’ larger perspectives.

Besides donations for long-term research regarding curing diseases, support of everyday social and cultural needs to make life more meaningful is part of the plan.

The well-being of animals, as well as humans, is the main goal of The Aaron Foundation.

The members of the board are Martin A.A. Smit (chairman), Erik van Werven (treasurer), Gaston Stouthart (secretary) and Erna Versteegden (general member). The members of the board are not remunerated.

In recent years a variety of organizations received donations, some of the most prominent are:

  • Stichting Stop Hersentumoren
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Nationaal Fonds 4 en 5 Mei
  • Stichting Emma Kinderziekenhuis
  • Amivedi
  • Help de Zwerfkat
  • Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
  • Stichting de Bascule
  • Grachtenfestival
  • Movement on the Ground

For In the upcoming years, these organizations can count on The Aaron Foundation’s support. For a financial outline and report, please refer to: