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Real Estate

The real estate portfolio and current projects are mainly accommodated in The Netherlands.

Group Aaron’s objective is to be shaping creative dreams into a reality, with a passion for architecture and the highest attention to detail. Not only for the purpose of living and existence but also the source of pleasure and satisfaction of creating buildings for the future.


Group Aaron invest in and collaborate with a multitude of independent companies that operate in the areas of cars, champagne, food and hospitality.

Since 2014, the Group has been spreading its investments and activities more, mostly acting as a financial partner. Similar to the real estate portfolio Group Aaron only invests in companies with a unique character and personal interest.

The Aaron Foundation

Since 2018, The Aaron Foundation has been the new name of Stichting Moya, which was founded back in 2005.

The Aaron Foundation is the Family’s Charity Foundation, which selects a variety of charities for donation.